Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Tutorial : Gift Box/ Wine Bag

Before you go throwing those Tissue boxes away...Hold your horses! You can recycle them and make this awesome gift box or even use it as a Wine Bottle Bag.

What you need:

Tissue box (es)
PVA Glue
Wrapping Papers/ Scrapbook Papers
Cutter/ Scissors

1. Flatten the box by opening it. Be careful not to tear it.
2-4.Cut a Half Circle on the top flap. Cover the open spaces
5. Paste the Front of the box first. Once done, repeat the same steps on the back.
6 - 7. Cut edges but leave 1" - 1/2" spaces for the fold in on the Front portion.
8. Slit a line for the Cover.
9. Reassemble the box as it is.

Ta-dah! The finish product.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Have a fun-tastic day!

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